Fully automatic finishing of bed sheets.

Longitudinal hemming and sewing, dimensioning, cross cutting, edge trimming, label dispensing, cross hemming and sewing, stacking. The Magetron ML-FFS takes over the complete processing procedure with an extraordinary performance, uncompromising quality and flexibility.


Extraordinary efficiency, high productivity, attractive cost-performance ratio and profitability on a daily basis are the main advantages of this equipment.


Innovative technology, optimal processing methods and superior standards of construction grant an incredibly high level of the final output. Capable to process different kind of home textiles and uncountable options available in Magetron ML-FFS can grant high standards of flexibility and customization, key factor in the nowadays’ success.


Longitudinal sewing and cross cutting cross hemming can be connected in one complete fully automatic line or used separately. Each module can complete a part of the process giving, in this way, total versatility and flexibility.

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